After School Dismissal Procedure Change

Hello Geneva families! After a month of observing building procedures and hearing quite a bit of feedback from parents, we will be modifying our student dismissal procedures to improve student safety. Here are changes that will be made to Geneva’s dismissal procedures:

  • All classes will be walked through the building to the main entrance.
  • Bus riders and walkers will exit through the main entrance and either line up for their bus, board their bus, or walk home.
  • Students being picked up by parents will continue through the building to the cafeteria to wait with a para-educator.
  • Parents picking up their child will need to wait by the outside doors to the cafeteria until the supervisor opens the doors.


While these new procedures may be more cumbersome than past practice, they will allow our staff to monitor the student pick up much more closely in a more controlled environment. It also will reduce congestion for our bus riders and possibly make the back parking lot more viable. Our ultimate goal is facilitate a safe dismissal for your children.

Thank You,

Principal, Geneva Elementary