District to begin school year remote, first day Sept. 8
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General Weather Animals Insects
PebbleGo Bellingham 10-Day Forecast Lady Bugs
World Book KIDS Web weather for kids Nature & Wildlife Field Guide Bug Pets
Foss Web Rainbows The Electronic Zoo Enchanted Learning: ANTS!
 Starfall Rainbows – Circumhorizontal Arcs Mammals Welcome to the Hive!
Pumpkin Rainbows and Optical Effects Whale Times Dances with Bees
Rainbows by Randy Wang Marine Fish Catalog Monarch Maze
 Weatherbug Forecast Salmon Butterfly Tic-Tac-Toe
Bats Northwest
 All About Birds: Cornell University
Burke Museum Amphibians
   Bird Note

 Social Studies

Maps Community History Government
Arthur’s Elwood City Kids and Community Martin Luther King Timeline White House for Kids
Google Maps Community Fieldtrip Investigating the First Thanksgiving
TumbleBooks Community Workers Scholastic Thanksgiving
Learn about Community Workers! The Underground Railroad


Jan Brett

Dr. Suess! Writing
Bookflix Read.Write.Think
Starfall Spelling City
 Bitesize Games Little Explorers Use the Dictionary
Owen and Mzee Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun!
 Shel Silverstein Poetry 4 Kids- Hear and watch!   


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Reflex Math  Coin Combo
 Dog Bone Game Investigations
 Balloon Pop Subtraction Xtramath
Add Math Lines
Addition Speed Grid Challenge
Kite Fractions!
Ameoba Addition Game
Counting Money


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Monet Make your own snowflake!  Hidden Dangers in the Home
Picasso Puzzle Maker  Halloween Safety Game
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