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Hi! My name is Lexie Ashlock and I am about to graduate from Bellingham High School. Throughout high school I was a part of the volleyball and cheer team! I was also really involved in leadership at Bellingham. Next year, I will be attending San Diego State University and I am planning on becoming a high school teacher. My favorite memory from Geneva would be economy hour! I also really enjoyed the marchival, which you may know as spring fling, and I loved coming back to Geneva years later to help out at the spring fling. The best advice I can give you guys is to get involved and try new things, such as sports, drama, band, and clubs. You will be told plenty over the next few years that these are important, but I truly believe it is the best advice. Now and as your reach middle and high school it is okay to try new things even if your friends aren’t doing them with you. It is okay to stand out. There are so many amazing activities to be apart of so try as many as you can. You can make these next few years as special as you want them to be and I hope that all of you do so. Enjoy what’s to come and continue to make every new school year special.

  • Lexie Ashlock